March 9, 2021

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El reno Tornado EF5 of 2011 might of been 3-6 Separate Tornadoes including 2 large tornadoes merging. : meteorology

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The map of the tornadoes

Tornado 0:A thin rope touches down staying very still while a large wedge tornado forms to its south, this can be seen in this video

Tornado 1:This one is well known and in the NWS list as B1 it was originaly part of the main ef5 , but later found out to be 2 tornadoes , was rated EF3 and is known as the “Angry octopuss” by some.

Tornado 2:The EF5 it self , with wind speed measurement of 280-295+ MPH , did some of the most intense damage at the cactus oil rig , it also horribly deformed human body’s like the jarrell tornado of 1997.

Tornado 3:Tornado or funnel cloud seen in one video , its very hard to tell if its dust or its rainbands under it , however its more then half way towards the ground , likely a very weak EF0 , got absorbed by the EF5 while it was doing EF4+ damage.

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The path of the EF5 and the possible tornado with the position of the storm chaser seen in the video above. EF0 = blue EF1 = green EF2 = yellow EF3 = orange EF4 = Red EF4+ = Pink , this is a sneak peak of a colab im doing with some one.

Tornado 4: Read more about this one here , it is said to be a separate meso , that it and the EF5 merged without one winning , therefor its hard to tell if this counts as the end of the EF5 path or not?

Tornado 5: also known as B3 it is known by the NWS and listed , while no proof of its damage , the video and photos as seen above show it was on the ground.

Tornado 6: This was after the EF5 died known as Tornado B4 was rated EF2 , this one unlike the others are not mix as part of the EF5 , but put it here since it was part of the same supercell.

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