June 19, 2024

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Did you Enjoy the Eclipse? Did You Watch?? Will You Travel to the Next One??? 55 Days Til Hurricane Season………..

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My brother sent me this picture of the partial eclipse in Florida, it’s an awesome picture and of all the pics I saw of the eclipse it’s one of the best I’ve seen. And, it brings up the question if you saw the eclipse but it wasn’t a total eclipse and you didn’t see the diamond on the side or the full blown Corona effect did you still really see the 2024 Eclipse??

Obviously this is THE OMG Corona pic ppl post….

Total Eclipse of the Sun.

Very cool.

Saw it once, truly awesome.

But if a tree falls in the forest question….

…answer is the tree still fell.

Maybe someone heard it but didn’t see it?

The Eclipse for me was very nice moment in time and made me stop and think on life on many levels as well as “wonder” how if at all it changes anything? If it’s all truly scientific…. why does it seem so OMG WOW spiritual to many who watch who sound literally as if they are having an orgasm screaming while viewing this very normal scientific event that is forecast centuries in advance by astronomers and astrologers …. how can we be so in awe? Centuries ago when the sky went dark I get it and it looked like the end of the world. Did people even see the diamond and corona while hiding in the cave?? I wonder…

If the sky gets dark, even for 5 minutes, it’s obviously going to make animals feel weirded out and perhaps explains the reason people insist they feel “spacey” and a bit “dizzy and lightheaded” … well if they are very in tune with their body they do.  A few people asked me at 5 pm “so when exactly is the eclipse?” and I just started thinking “do they live under a rock” because with all the hoopla how did anyone not know when the elipse was happening? Someone who was at 95% said they didn’t notice anything different, and granted the sun is so bright it was still bright out and yet in other places at 75% and 85% people told me they “I saw the difference in the quality of the light” and I believe them. I could see it in Raleigh. The light looked different, there was a dimmer effect in place and the edges weren’t as sharp and yet it was brighter than dusk where it’s actually darker. 

I talked to my friend who is in town, always have good conversations with him about life and things such as eclipses. I watched the light. Took a walk outside and smiled at the little eclipse, crescent shaped looking shadows the huge tree made and watched the crescent moons dance in the breeze. Kind of cool, not so super surreal as the Corona that I saw before and yet once the Corona is gone and the moon has moved on the Sun comes back and it’s kind of as if nothing happenend.

Kind of like when we have a tornado warning in NC and everything goes wild for a few minutes with downdrafts and a possible sighting of a cloud that produced a funnel cloud about 3 miles away and then the sun comes out and it’s gone as if it never happpened.

Hurricanes are long events that literally change your life forever and being in an eye wall for five minutes or 20 minutes sitting out in lounge chairs in the driveway watching birds fly around and high level clouds racing across the top of the eye is mind blowing and not a few minutes of “wow” or even “OMG” in my mind, in my mind’s eye as I’ve been in the eye of storms … and I’ve watched a total eclipse. All awesome, but different. Each eye is different and yet almost all solar eclipse coronas look the same. 

According to Google.

This is why this happens during an eclipse.

Well Up North trees I don’t think Palm trees.


Never knew this til the 2017 eclipse.

This was joyful, playful and amusing.

Little small crescent moons projected on the pavement.

My distant cousin who lives nearby…

…did the same thing.

What is in our genes?

Apparently a lot is generic.

Love of nature, weather, life.
Photography for sure…..

So if you saw the Corona …

..good for you!

Everyone should once in a while.

Next lunar eclipse I’ll be out there staring.

Love the romance of a lunar eclipse.

Next hurricane………. well you know.

And if you just aren’t into eclipses….

Lunar or solar eclipses.

Just science what’s the big deal??

If you are a chocolate person 🙂

Maybe you’ll smile at this.

I know I did lol that’s cute.

Well done.

53 Days til Hurricane Season.

We need to get back to the heart of the matter.

And that is Hurricane Season 2024!

And, I’m thinking we have a named storm sooner.

It’s possible.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,

Hope you got to go enjoy the eclipse….

…if not there’s another one somewhere.

Some people get addicted after their 1st one…

..and travel far to the next one.

Kind of like being in the eye of a hurricane!


@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

This song is for my brother Jay…

…he loved this album as a baby.

He sent me the picture at top.

He was born around a lunar eclipse..

Time speaks to some of us.

Reminds me of the Hurricane Rhyme…

September Remember…….

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