July 1, 2022

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Creating station model plots : meteorology

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Hello everyone!

Apologies if these questions are too naive! I’m fairly new to meteorology as a hobby and am slowly learning stuff for an art project I am working on.

My most immediate concern is finding surface observation maps such as this one, but for Europe.

I’ve done some research, but without having studied meteorology it is kind of difficult to know where to look. I am somewhat proficient with GIS and am able to load data from C3S or layers (WMS) from the DWD (the German weather service) onto a map. However, these do not plot station models, but just the individual data sets.

I’ve also come across Weather Graphics Global Surface Archives. As I understand it, METAR and SYNOP are codes that can be translated into measurements from a given station and then plotted as a station model. Is there (free) software that does this easily?

I’ve found MetPy, but that would require a bit of training. ECMWF offers Magics examples, but it does not seem to be able to plot station models. Strangely, the program I was able to find that worked immediately was an old MSDOS program–Weathergraphix–linked to here. (I would be more than happy to use older MSDOS programs too, if any of you know of any others.)

I am also very interested in learning more about receiving METAR and SYNOP data (via RTTY?). For the art project I am working on, it would be great to receive and decode (and perhaps create) this data. If you can think of any resources online, that would be fantastic!


2022-06-14 11:01:07

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