September 25, 2023

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Coastal Low and the Carolinas. 2023 Hurricane Season. Will This Pattern Continue? 4 Days (and a few hours) Til Hurricane Season.

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Just marking the time, the day and my thoughts. I was offline the last two days for the Shavous Holiday and catching up now on all the visual imagery, and selfies posted of our Yellow Blob/Coastal No Name Low. Here in Raleigh it’s been a wonderful two days. I literally could have worn my Cowboy boots yesterday between the cool temps and the strong wind making it seem colder than it was actually but I didn’t. I regretted not taking my hoodie with me, but was thrilled to wear one of my favorite cool weather outfits to Temple for services in late May. Thank you Coastal Low!! 

Eye love it!

Images my friends Tweeted were incredible. So is the weather… if you are like me and love cool air vs hot, humid days. 

a nice look at the eye like feature close up…

..hey it’s a low, it had a center….

Some beaches were closed to swimming!

I’m not too upset with the way the NHC handled this as they highlighted it enough people knew it was there and yes what it was will be debated for sometime after the season in post season analysis. I’ll call it a Coastal Low that worked like a back door cold front funneling in cool air from the NE, pleasant temperatures and rain that was not soo heavy that it caused problems with flooding where I am in Raleigh. Further down towards the coast the surf was stirred up and some beaches shut down swimming for what will now be known as the Memorial Day No Name Storm! There is some thought that it’ll dry out enough for Monday to be a beach day but time will tell and I’d play it by ear and have options other that don’t involve sunshine just in case……..

I have the various analog years written down in a note book that many experts have mentioned with regard to the 2023 Hurricane Season and so I looked thru my old favorite NOAA book with years of tropical cyclones and what I saw was this………..the pattern definitely favors an active Tropical Triangle close to the Bermuda Triangle between the Florida Coast, Bahamas and the Carolinas. Oh also a lot of Fish Storms that wiggle their way up the middle of the Atlantic turning fast before the Islands. The Carib, in theory, is partially shut down due to El Nino, though things that struggle down there can find their way into friendlier waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the 2nd coastal low that has traveled this path and at some point we will be watching tropical systems.

The NHC is not naming every 2 hour thunderstorm near some beach somewhere and that’s good. Upgrading a low level yellow circle to a named entity should have some parameters and things were out of hand for a few years. Cantore left for lunch and by the time he was back the newly named storm had been downgraded, I mean come on… that’s just ridiculous. This was forecast by the models consistently, it was a closed Low… was it tropical? Subtropical? I’ll leave the details to the expert, but to me it’s more important that it’s a pattern that is developing and if it continues it’s going to be trouble … trouble with names.

Only time will tell how 2023 Hurricane plays out but I’m thinking it’s gonna definitely be a Carolina hurricane season with systems flirting with the Outer Banks, the Sounds, the Bays and the Bogues and creating flooding issues from Charleston up towards Cape Hatteras. It’s also possible these storms could continue North up towards the Del Marva. Though how fronts play out this season will make all the difference, a lack of fronts or many fronts… where and when. 

Stay tuned.

Loving the temperatures, loving the windows open and the cool air flitering through. Summer in the Carolinas hits hard once it’s in place and those hot, airless days when a leaf on a tree won’t move even if you shake the tree. And, everyone heads for the beach or the mountains and even South Florida is a nice escape as at least there…there’s a breeze off Biscayne Bay.

Thank you Memorial Day Coastal Low … been nice knowing you!

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbstorm on Twitter and Instagram

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Ps…the Edwards Cheesecake slices… were awesome, portion controlled and perfect this morning. Pretty sure I ate way too much of the ones at the Synagogue after prayers and with lots of other salads, pastas and cheese filled delights.

For me.. this is the beginning of Summer. June 1st is Thursday… Hurricane Season, Meteorological Summer and gonna enjoy the cool weather while I got it. (BobbiStorm)

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