December 4, 2022

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Can someone explain troughs and ridges? : meteorology

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I’ve been reading and watching videos for hours on this subject and just can’t visualize what is actually happening in 3d space. This is just made worse with nothing but 2d models explaining this phenomenon. If only there was some quality 3d video out there to help with the visualization…

My initial understanding was that ridges and troughs were just a simple explanation of what the jet stream was doing on the map (as if the jet stream dipping south was the “trough”). But now that I better understand pressure gradients and heights, I realize that troughs and ridges are just descriptions of changing pressure over a region.

I guess my confusion is coming from that wavy line that is always present on the maps. Is that showing the jet stream or what??

Example: Is this a top-down view (looking from space to earth surface)? Or is this a side view (looking parallel to earth)? Or is it both??

r/meteorology - Can someone explain troughs and ridges?


2022-08-16 23:33:07

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