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Breaking News! Subtropical Storm AL012023 Formed in Mid January. Upgraded Today. NHC Reviewed the Situation… Did Indeed Deserve a Name.

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 Let’s look back at January 2022

Okay, we have BREAKING NEWS from the NHC and it seems that the Mid January Invest that we were all discussing that looked healthy enough to get a name…..now has a name and will be known from now on as the First named Storm of 2023 .. Subtropical Storm AL012023! Okay works for me, it did look quite worthy of a name, it’s rare to be an Invest in January let alone get a name in May! 

Discussion from May 11th, 2023 above…

Again post below from January 16th … 

From my blog in January.

Does it change anything? Yes, no … kind of in that it validates that it was there and the truth of the matter no matter what happens or where it goes. It’s really a beautiful spinner.  Sometimes when a system has a strong influence that far North (and it does) it can help push some change a long a bit. It’s three weeks into Winter and everyone is ready to stick a fork in it and declare it dead. The rush in the world these days to move on fast to the next holiday before the holiday we are in is barely over. January 1st the Dollar Store had Valentines Day Candy for sale and pink aisles filled with hearts and sweet treats to send someone. But have enjoyed the satellite imagery today of a system Dabuh and I were talking about forming way back when models were hinting at it off the Florida coast”

Okay…. does it change anything? In retrospect in May of 2023 it apparently does change everything. Our actual first Tropical Depression in real time this year will be Tropical Depression TWO however, the first named storm will be Arlene still…again our January Storm wil be referred to as AL022023 !!

Okay… the bottom line is the NHC and they often review the situation and upgrade or downgrade storms duing the offseason and this is a perfect example! What do you think they do in the offseason…sit around playing Dungeons and Dragons or Tiddlywinks? They work all year long…. and a report will be written soon at NHC.

And, Wikipedia has already been upgraded as well! Everyone is always working in 2023, always online. Make a donation there, they work hard at what they do!

So there we go……….

….news of the day.

Now in seach of Tropical Depession Two!

A look back at our January Subtropical!

Sure looks like it was a worthy upgrade.

Add that system onto the totals now.

Stay tuned for what other surpises 2023 has in store!

(scroll down to where the Invest popped up)

Posts in January on a sudden Invest in the NE ATL!



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