April 25, 2024

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Bored. April 1st. Waiting on April 4th CSU Hurricane Forecast for 2024. Just Another Maniac Monday on Steriods!!!

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Weather Pattern still Frontal….

West to East

Still crazy after all these years!

CSU will release its first forecast for 2024 on Thursday, April 4 at 10am EDT.

This is going to be a fairly short blog today. April 1st, no this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.

This week another storm system due 

EURO Wednesday.

Winter isn’t done with us yet…….

….even tho it feels like Summer today.

They changed the high in Raleigh tomorrow to an obscene 87 degrees and they have taken out strong rain chances that were in there yesterday for later this week. Current forecasts for certain regions are like a Willy Wonka Forecast prone to changes at any minute as new models run, weather happens in real time and the local NWS changes their forecast.

Today is April 1st. Mercury goes Retrograde. Feel free to laugh that one off…. we can discuss it again in 3 weeks when it goes direct! Let me know if you bought anything new in 3 weeks you know like a phone, a computer or television? 

That said I am looking forward to the Colorado State University 2024 Hurricane Forecast that’ll be out on April 4th! I know everyone is predicting Hurricane Armageddon as a hellish series of hurricanes take aim at every part of the Hurricane Coastline from the Tex/Mex line to Maine; Newfoundland is not exempt this year as it was busy last year and still probably gets a named storm in 2024!

I’m tired of every weather person online trying to outdo the previous with better hyperbole and alliteration in headlines. What is promised in March rarely comes to fruition in July; August you must and September Remember.

While we have had stormy lows off the coast forming …near the Outer Banks nothing Subtropical happened and my in box is filled with meteorologists screaming SUBTROPICAL STORM FORMING (maybe) and no the NHC did not bite and the NWS forecast in real time updated changes. It’s Florida, it rains often.

It’s April. Look out for Severe Weather happens when cold air dives down into way too hot weather. Temperatures See Saw like children playing a game in kindergarten. Tuesday the high here is forecast to be 87. Friday the High is forecast to be 57 and the lows go down to 35 degrees. Nothing is as it seems.

I’m bored with this weather pattern, the slow progression to Summer where we are neither here nor there. I’ll update throughout the week, that’s my goal for the week. Stay tuned….

CSU will release its first forecast for 2024 on Thursday, April 4 at 10am EDT.

Stay tuned….

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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