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Anticrepuscular rays : meteorology

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Couple of recent posts have comments about anticrepuscular rays being the shadows between crepuscular rays. Anticrepuscular rays are not shadows seen when facing towards the sun, but are rays pointing to the opposite end of the sky from the sun, converging to the antisolar point, i.e. the point in the sky directly opposite the sun. Here’s an example I took at my place a couple of years ago, near sunset. You can see by the way the clouds and things on the ground are illuminated that the sun is behind me. In fact, you can tell the illuminated clouds are causing the rays. Friends who lived east of those clouds’ position at the time had pictures of the crepuscular rays they could see while facing the sun. It’s counter-intuitive, but they were seeing the same rays as me, just from the opposite direction.

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2022-09-18 15:32:18

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