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African Wave vs Coastal Low off Carolinas. Nigel. Thoughts on the Tropics and Life… Missing F-35 in Area Weather May Kick Up Some.

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The first thing you learn in journalism is that location sometimes dictates the story. All things being equal a 3 Alarm Fire Downtown in your city is more relevant than a 5 Alarm Fire in a distant city. Usually I’d be excited about a wave off of Africa, especially as I don’t think Africa has many more left to roll off at us, but a possible named storm of some kind in my backyard impacting my weather has my attention this morning.  When the local weather people pay attention, it’s time to really pay attention vs the gang on Twitter or where ever you look for early weather tips.

30% Yellow off SE Coast.

70% in MDR from African Wave.

I wasn’t going to talk about Nigel.

But this is a cool graphic.

As for the Carolina Blob… 

Tropical vs Subtropical.

If it gets a name I’m in.

What’s interesting is the first thing I thought of is … kind of bad timing to look for a missing 80 Million Dollar F-35 if the weather goes South when the Blob goes North. I remember when the shot down balloon fell into the waters offshore of Myrtle Beach and the weather was picking up making the search area difficult to work in …until the weather passed. Yes, they gave out a number to call, you cannot make this up. I usually figure if something doesn’t make sense you are missing part of the story and am guessing the government will give out a number but not the missing details.

After living in the Carolinas for longer than I can remember, I have finally become a Carolinian as much as I am a Florida girl. I know the lakes they keep referencing and the coastline. It’s not uncommon while in Myrtle Beach to see F-35s flying overhead along the shoreline. So obviously more curious on this and the possible development off the coast than I would be if I was in Miami. 

Long range models show it being lifted N…

..towards land and/or off the coast.

African wave turn right by the islands.

Time will tell.

GFS shows weather up the Chesapeake.

Kind of interesting.

Euro shows the yellow area acting up.

Wave there… we will see.

Waiting to see 

What we see

Cooler temperatures are on the way.

Especially at night.

That’s nice.

Either way… Rain forecast on the coast.

Lots of rain.

Does it stay offshore or?

Watching it.

Otherwise my holiday was incredibly nice, peaceful and a bit inspirational. Weather cooperated and was pleasant enough walking to synagogue and back. We had a holiday dinner there with about 100 people and it all went well, beautiful as if it was a catered wedding or birthday. Rosh Hashana aka Jewish New Year is considered the “birthday of the world” of “creation” for those of you who know your Bible probably better than me. And, it’s nice to celebrate with friends and family and we did. My husband cooked, not his profession but he grew u in the hotel/restaurant business so he cooks like I right sort of instinctively. I prayed for people I love, care about and hope they have a good year. Isn’t that what we all wish for??? Our loved ones should have a good, healthy, happy year? The places we love shouldn’t suffer drought, flooding or be destroyed by an earthquake or a hurricane and the people of the world figure out how to make peace and stop making war. Simple things like that.

As for me… I want all of the above and some weather. A friend I walked home yesterday afternoon asked me what I thought about the Winter. I told her, if we get really bad winter storms with lots of snow…she can blame me for wishing for winter weather this year! She laughed. I don’t think she really took me seriously 😉

Have a wonderful day, a fantastic week and lots of luck finding the missing plane that’s good at going missing… 

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Enjoy… Jimmy singing about the Carolina coast.

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