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African Wave Train There But…Nothing Spinning Yet. Watch Waves that Survive to Thrive Close IN… ULL with Trapped Moisture E of Bahamas.

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8 AM.

African Wave 20% still.

Nothing has developed there yet.

My alternative map to look at.

ITCZ lit up in blue and purple.

East of the Bahamas we see purple.

In this image above we have a huge FRONT, an Upper Level Low…aka TUTT that has captured a lot of moisture, swallowed it and running with it. Could this area close to the tail end of a front try to get something going close in? I would not rule it out. Also South of Cuba is another wave that didn’t not spin in the Atlantic but didn’t die and made it into the Caribbean. Always good to watch tropical waves that go far while not developing yet do not die. 

Current models show something …

..wanting to come together close in.


EURO above.

GFS below.

GFS sees a weaker front and weaker system.

Fronts, fronts and fronts is all I can say. I’ve been saying it forever. Ups the ante for weak systems that make it across the Atlantic (like Andrew) that intensify close in. Fronts scoop them up and away or fall flat and fizzle and allow them to keep going (like Andrew) or it opens the door to Caribbean Hurricanes. Leaves are beginning to turn in Raleigh, small signs consistent from tree to tree… we have strong fronts.We are more in a September set up than August and October can’t be far away. 

I’ll update later tonight with  models and thoughts.

Stay tuned.

Stay prepared!

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instgram.

Do you remember September??

I do……….


Waves coming off of Africa.

Not doing anything yet. (BobbiStorm)

2022-08-22 17:38:00

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