July 21, 2024

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A few questions

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A few questions

I was doing a bit of research while there was a thunderstorm in my city, and I have gotten a lot of answers, but also a few questions

  1. In all those slow motion videos, why can you see the bolt travelling from the cloud to ground and then flash, is that like, the current travelling down before it discharges or smth? The video I attached is what I mean, you can see it travel down and once it connects with the building, then it flashes.

  2. What would you see if you were close to a ground to cloud strike? There doesn’t seem to be any videos on YouTube I could find that show this, so like, what would someone close to where it comes out of ground see/feel? Would it be the same, flash and bang as cloud to ground, or would it be different?

  3. I know the clouds are negatively charged near the bottom, and positively charged at the top, but how does the ground become negatively or positively charged? What is the “default charge” of the ground?

(So sorry, I don’t know the correct terminology, there’s a lot of words I don’t really understand lol)

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2024-07-04 02:30:26

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