February 26, 2021

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9:00 AM (Monday) | ****Brunt of major winter storm takes place today/tonight across northern Mid-Atlantic…strong winds and significant additional accumulations across eastern PA, NJ and SE NY**** — Perspecta Weather

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In some spots along the I-95 corridor, the day has begun with mixed precipitation, but as the off-shore storm stalls out, it’ll pull in some colder air from the north/northeast. Those areas that have mixed precipitation this morning will change from snow and the “wrap around” snow can fall heavily at times later in the day and into Monday night. The changeover to snow will take place all the way to the coastal regions of New Jersey and the Delmarva Peninsula and snow on the back side of the storm can push southward all the way into the DC metro region later today and tonight.

Here is a breakdown by metro region in the Mid-Atlantic’s I-95 corridor as to what to expect during the next stage of the winter storm:

Philly, NYC metro regions:

The brunt of the storm is on the way north of the PA/MD border…any mixed precipitation this morning will change to snow shortly and the snow can fall heavily at times later today and tonight with significant additional accumulations.  The winds will increase in intensity as the off-shore storm intensifies gusting past 35 mph or so.  In fact, blizzard conditions are likely later today/tonight in the NYC metro region, upstate NJ, east-central/northeastern PA and perhaps as far south as southeastern PA.  Given very strong dynamics in the upper atmosphere, there is the potential for “mesoscale” or small-scale banding during the height of this storm later today/tonight containing brief outbursts of very heavy snow and perhaps even some rumbles of thunder.  More than a foot of snow is still on the table for the Philly metro region from this long-lasting winter storm that continues into Tuesday and there can be more than a foot and a half in the NYC metro region.

DC metro region:

Any mixed precipitation this morning will change to snow for the afternoon and it’ll continue on an occasional basis into early Tuesday with some additional small accumulations possible.  The best chance for additional snow accumulations will likely be on the northern and eastern sides of the District as the off-shore storm stalls out just off the Mid-Atlantic coastline.

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