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70% Code Red Florida. Strong Odds Somewhere in Florida Getting a Tropical Problem. Waiting on Upgrade to Invest, Should be Invest 93L Idalia Next Name Up.

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Note the red grid touches Florida.

This is NOT a grid,  it’s a formation zone.

It starts down by the Red X.

This is not a cone.

It’s a zone… the top end of it.

It could form further South….

..and impact the Keys and Miami.

Or hook up near Cedar Key and move inland.

Or sit out in the GOM stalled, intensifying.

Anything at this point is an IF.

It hasn’t formed.

But there is consistency.

NHC wouldn’t go so high at 70% Red..

…unless they felt they needed to.

Note the spin in the BOC.

It’s sucking everything up from the EPAC.

Note the moisture moving up towards Carib.

This is the area we’re watching for development.

If shear persists it could take longer to form.

Or not.

We don’t know yet.

We are watching.

NHC is watching.


This is a friend of mine online.

Well done.

Everything going for it.

But, the GFS says not yet.

Another good tweet… ummm … post.

Toren Hynes is good to follow.

He’s pointing out there could be interaction ..

…between Idalia and Franklin.

IF Idalia intensifies rapiodly.

Just a thought to remember.

Or Idalia takes it’s time and dawdles.

We don’t know yet.

So this is what I think. If you have followed me for a long time and you see a possible storm forming to the South of you, especially to the SW or SSW of Florida then you watch it and wait to see what the NHC says and meanwhile you up your game with hurricane preparaion. Make sure you have money from the ATM if you can (when power goes out you can’t get it) and medications, diapers, dog/cat food and such. Look around the house to see what you might need to do if it comes your way.

NHC is giving you all this time to be aware it’s theres! Use that time wisely. 

It’s just the prudent thing to do if you live in hurricane country when a storm may be forming that might impact you. Don’t go out and buy a palette of water tomorrow morning, it might not form or it may not form strong …. always good to have some extra water hidden around the house.

Just watch it. Pay attention. Be Aware. 

That’s it. I’ll update in the morning. I went shopping tonight early rather than tomorrow, when it supposed to be 100 degrees or maybe just 99 degrees in my part of North Carolina. And, there is a chance depending on what it does that it could move up this way across Florida and Georgia or it could just cross Florida and follow Franklin.

Too soon to tell.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram, threads.

Do you know where Micanopy is?

They filmed parts of Doc Hollywood there….

It could be in the Cone for Idaliad.

In theory.

It’s all theory right now…

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