December 3, 2023

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60% in SW Carib BUT Watching GOM Real Weather Maker Coming. Then A Cold Front Zooms South Again. A Look Back at 2023 Hurricane Season.

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Have to tell you Winter is winning.

Florida seems to be lucky this year.

Long range (promise u anything) models.

Show short term development in GOM

Of a non tropical low… 

Anything in the SW Carib goes NE

Florida remains protected it would seen.

This brings me to the next topic.

An early look back at 2023 Season.

Excellent posts this AM from Michael Lowry

Hot spots this year NC and Maine.

Note how often Canada was in the Cone?

In the Zone… in play for action this season.

While it was a busy season but the numbers it was fairly lackluster and so repetitive it all seems to blur together as you can see above tracks traced each other off the East Coast stalling out, strengthening, falling apart then getting second life in the North Atlantic. Red states NC and Maine (weather wise not politically) were the only real busy places to watch. Florida did see action, but the intense, wild Major Hurricane unraveled magically as it was making landfall. That said flooding and some high winds did cause damage, especially in the Florida Panhandle and Georgia wind wise anyway taking down century old Oak Trees.

Again all bets are off on SW Carib AOI

Until we see what if anything happens in the GOM

Weather is fluid and you follow the flow.

The orientation….

…so stay tuned.

It’s not over til it’s over. November is not over. As for me I’m in NC enjoying the daily show of color outside my window where a huge Maple Tree turns various shades of golden, orange and red. These are not my favorite colors in the color wheel but against a clear blue sky and dark green Carolina Pines it’s stunning, and I’m anchored here enjoying every moment of it until the last leaves are gone. Down the block from me are yellow trees and dark red, bright maroon trees and the rustle of leaves beneath my feet as I walk along. Yes, I want to go to Miami but I don’t want to miss a moment of this fast moving seasonal, glorious event.  Actually the trees in the parking lot by the Dollar Store and Fresh Market are the most beautiful in town!! The Crape Myrtle trees by the golf course across the street are almost bare, they bloomed late this year and they lost their leaves early. I’ve spent a good part of my life watching palm trees in Miami and LA, I finally fell in love with Fall in the Carolinas. Though I will add the Poplars in Crown Heights Brooklyn are beautiful this time of year. 

Is that awesome.

No filter.

I wake up to that……

We almost moved a while back to a nearby townhouse.

But I didn’t like the view, couldn’t give this up.

And, like my layout here and location.

What do you really want weatherwise?

I want winter, I want snow.

If there’s no snow here i’ll go to Denver.

I do want to see my grandchildren there…

But as I watch the leaves fall (a yellow one just fell)

I know my heart is wishing for snow.

So sweet weather dreams…

..whatever weather you want!


@bobbistorm on Twitter

I’ll update if and when we have an Invest. (BobbiStorm)

2023-11-13 15:38:00

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