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3D Views of the Cat 3 Typhoon Noru from the ISS – August 1, 2017 : meteorology

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Hi. I want to be able to just look at the sky and be able to get as much information as possible about the atmospheric conditions. I want to understand how air has been lifted in order to cause different types of clouds, and which atmospheric conditions creates variations of these clouds.

I want to be able to look at the sky and understand where air is lifted and where air is sinking, in large areas and in each cloud.

I want to know which clouds accompany different fronts and I want to be able to deduce where different air masses are in the sky.

I want to look at the landscape and understand where there will be turbulence, Venturi zones, areas of sink and lift, and how these effects combine with the large scale weather.

I also want to look at weather data and know what kinds of clouds to expect I’ve been learning to read skew-t charts for this purpose.

One big reason why I want to learn this is that I am a paraglider pilot and would like to know these things so that i can at some point in the future safely complete long cross country flights and as much as possible be aware of the conditions a long the way so i can find lift and keep away from dangerous conditions.

But I also just find clouds and weather fascinating and want to understand as much about it as possible.

Obviously there is a lot to learn, and not all weather conditions can be read from the sky, but what are some good resources to learn about this?


2022-08-01 23:53:09

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