March 1, 2021

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3 Areas to Watch in the Tropics. GFS Consistently Shows a Strong Caribbean Storm … Jamaica, Cuba, Florida & Bahamas on Watch to Pay Attn! ATL October Surprise May Be a Big One.

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2     20% Yellow Areas.

And a 0% Yellow Dot.

Mike is great.

I love Mike.

Trust me I can listen to him talk forever…

True Confessions 😉

So Mike …this one’s for you! 


This is a quick Thursday Morning update to let you know the tropics are about to come alive again, but not quite yet. I’ll preface that by saying the Islands in the Caribbean are getting some rain from Invest 93L that the NHC is in a rush to pull the plug on as they lowered it’s chances to that old Zero Percent (“yes we see it”) sort of yellow dot.  Down in the depths of the Caribbean is our real current concern as models do develop a storm down there and track it across either Cuba or Cuba and Jamaica and take aim on Florida or the Bahamas or both … depending on which ever run you are running.

The above is GFS late last night.

That’s a mighty healthy system.

This morning’s GFS run is below.

Using both filters here so you can see the difference.

Caribbean storm still there near Cuba.

After doing Jamaica.

And “oh Hello…who are you?” in ATL

Note the newer run shows a stronger ATL system.

That’s a good quetion.

Remember what I said yesterday.

October produces Hurricane Sandy or Grace.

Or both…. 

Or in our case 2 Greek tropical treats!

So stay tuned…….

….and I’ll update later today.

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