May 27, 2024

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24 Days Til Hurricane Season. EPAC Getting Primed For Development. Storms Over Areas Near Tennessee & Carolinas Today… Thoughts on May and the Bermuda High. Roofing Advice, Learn Before the Cane Hits!

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Radar image from the area.

Earthnull shows the set up.

Figure 8 sort of set up gyre.

Common for this area.

2 lil areas on either side.

You can see them if you zoom in.

As for the whole basin, there’s lots of long shots to watch if you love to watch long shots vs sure things. Somewhere there’s always a long range model running, delivering various long range possibilities that this time of year rarely happen. Off the SE coast sometimes something develops from an old front that went dead in the water. Other times something forms in the Gulf of Mexico from an old frontal boundary or just convection that sits over warm water and refuses to leave the area though that usually happens closer to June 1st. Much depends on air flow, wind shear is a killer to any tropical development. May Monsoons begin soon in South Florida and it’s something hard to explain to those who never lived there…..   And, I’ll be there in a few weeks so hope to get some good pictures. Favorite picture on Wikipedia below. Looks just like that!

Biscayne Bay turns green.

Sky turns black with a tingle of purple.

Miami May Monsoons.

Also the May Monsoons are watched as to how much rain we get there vs how little rain we get there. Dry Mays are said to favor tropical development, but the caveat is that the old research was especially done with regard to WNW tropical waves riding under a strong high pressure that anchors over the SE and much of Florida propelling hurricanes into the South Florida areaa. The stronger the High, the drier the May is and the current set up with the high pressure currently in place has worried many hurricane researchers and excited many hurricane chasers as that set up could develop this year. Time will tell and the time line on that is ending soon as we are now way into May. The clock is ticking…..

That’s a fast flow from the Pacific….

…across Mexico towards SE/GOM

Enhancing the daily storms in Tennessee.  

What starts in Tennessee flows into Carolinas.  

The dark Navy Blue off Florida E coast….

High Pressure. 

On a personal note I went to the Beach.

The Beach here usually means Wrightsville.

Willy aka Wilmington’s beach…

Nothing like Carolina beaches, really.

Take that from a Miami Beach girl.

Miami Beach so much fun….

…beaches in Carolina real beaches.

Been wanting, needing to go to the beach for a while and yet I didn’t want to go to the beach on a cloudy “meh” day as I needed to feel a real beach day. Strong, steady breeze, waves with blue skies and hot sun on my body. It was awesome and thanks to a busted forecast Tuesday changed over from storms to sun and Wednesday is now showing expected storms in the Carolinas. I don’t mind chasing storms, I actually love that but talking REAL storms not drippy gray days that drain all the color from life and this time of year when seasons collide North Carolina is prone to crappy, meh gray days that hang and linger while waiting for rain that generally fizzles out and evaporates before hitting Raleigh. Long run on sentence and when we get days like that it’s like one long run on gray day. I get it, it’s a very difficult place to forecast weather for …. really…. honest, winter, spring or summer the forecast is often a bust. So you kind of go with “real time” observations and wait til you see how the day will shake out. But my husband and I had alternating days of appointments this week, but Tuesday was open and sunnier than forecat and so we took a drive to the beach. Awesome day at the beach as well as hanging out a bit in Wilmington a town I love a lot. A town that gets hit often by hurricanes. Wilmington has a great riverfront area to walk around, eat, drink and watch the sunset. 

Anyway…………that’s it for today. Watch the storms across the Eastern half of the country, especially in the South where some could be problematic. 

Will see.

Time will tell.

Stay tuned.

24 days Til June 1st!

As for my hurricane preparation thought of the day.


Mike has much info on his site …

…on preparation and what to watch out for.

Explore his site and links.

Anyone who has ever had a roof problem after a hurricane knows how hard is it to get a good, HONEST, roofer as construction people flood into the area like a storm surge of grifters and scammers mixed in with the good honest people trying to make some money. Know what to look for, what to watch out for and Mike’s site has links to honest roofers like Done Rite Roofing and their site has much information you can use wherever you live in Hurricane country – if a tree crashes into your beautiful home or tiles take flight in the wind. 

Lots of roofing advice, free to read on this great site. Knowledge is power. Knowledge saves you money, time and less stress! 

Enjoy the next 24 days and use them wisely and hey if you decide to impulsively take off for the beach, do it! Sometimes ya gotta break loose from routine and seize the day and enjoy the breeze.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


@bobbistorm on Twitter… mostly weather related posts. Enjoy the music…. (BobbiStorm)

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