March 7, 2021

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1:30 PM (Thursday) | *Cold front arrives tomorrow night with strong upper-level support…rain/possible thunderstorms in the Mid-Atlantic…snow showers on Saturday…storm threat later next week* — Perspecta Weather

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A powerful storm system barreled into the Pacific NW earlier this week and has weakened some since that time as it has pushed east-northeast into south-central part of Canada. This system, however, will become rejuvenated in the near-term as vigorous energy aloft moves overhead and a strong cold frontal system will be whipped eastward on its southern flank over the next 24-48 hours.  This cold front will arrive in the Mid-Atlantic region on Friday night and as the slow-moving upper-level low edges its way to the east, low pressure is likely to form near the east coast.  This low pressure push northward along the coast and in the frontal boundary zone and the result will be some rainfall in the I-95 corridor region from DC-to-Philly-to-NYC.  In fact, with such strong support aloft, it is possible that some of the rain is briefly heavy and thunderstorms can develop; especially, along coastal sections of the Mid-Atlantic region.

While rain will dominate the scene in the immediate I-95 corridor region, it’ll likely be cold enough for snow in some interior sections of the Northeast US late tomorrow night and early including upstate New York and interior New England.  With the upper-level low only slowly spinning through the Mid-0Atlantic region on Saturday, the atmosphere will remain quite unsettled.  As a result, snow showers will be possible at just about any time in the DC-to-Philly-to-NYC corridor as temperatures likely fall and winds increase in intensity.  The weather will calm down some on Sunday with little chance for any additional precipitation, but the winds will remain somewhat noticeable for the first part of the day. Another wave of energy in the upper atmosphere could produce a rain or snow shower on Monday in the Mid-Atlantic region and the energetic weather pattern will resume later next week.

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