March 3, 2021

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12:15 PM (Friday) | *Arctic blast to send accumulating snow all the way down to Texas/New Mexico with numerous record low temperatures…tropical wave to douse southern Florida with heavy rainfall* — Perspecta Weather

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Arctic blast and accumulating snow

It was just last weekend that unusual early season cold and snow gripped the Northern Rockies and places like Great Fall, Montana had their snowiest October day ever with accumulations of more than 8 inches.  That same winter storm pushed to the east and dumped significant and unusual early season snow on places like Minneapolis, Minnesota and this same region will receive more snow in coming days.  In fact, Minneapolis reported 7.9 inches of snow on Tuesday which was the highest amount ever for so early in the season and it just missed out on being the most snow ever on an October day (8.2 inches on 10/31/1991).  This next shot of snowfall this weekend could feature as much as 6-12 inches of snow from Montana to parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota.

This Arctic blast will be quite impressive in terms of temperatures and even more extreme relative-to-normal than the one experienced in early September.  Temperatures could drop to as much as 30+ degrees below-normal for late October from the northern Rockies to the southern Plains with numerous record lows likely to be set. In fact, there may be many spots in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, for example, that will feature temperatures close to zero in this unusual early season cold wave and low temperature records could be shattered by as much as 20 degrees in some spots. The all-time low for the month of October in Missoula, Montana is right at zero degrees set in 1971 and the low temperature expected there on Saturday night should be awfully close to that figure.

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