February 26, 2021

Weather News – Road Conditions – weather forecast

12:15 PM (Friday) | ***Accumulating snow on the way for the Mid-Atlantic from later Saturday night into Sunday morning…active, cold pattern to continue well into Feb. with additional snow threats*** — Perspecta Weather

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In addition to the cold, there will continue to be plenty of energy in the atmosphere next week and beyond in this active weather pattern. As a result, additional snow threats are likely in the Mid-Atlantic region with two time periods showing potential – the middle of next week and then again during the late week and/or weekend (i.e., 2/12-2/14).  It is possible that the passage of this potential late week/weekend system ends up “opening up the flood gates” to allow for some of the very cold air to charge eastward from the middle of the country and into the Mid-Atlantic region.

Stay tuned…an interesting weather pattern unfolding for the next couple of weeks.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian
Perspecta, Inc.

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