June 15, 2021

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11:20 AM (Thurs.) | *Heavy rain with the remains of Zeta…cold tomorrow with snow in parts of the NE US…first freeze tomorrow night…a cold Halloween…another cold blast coming with “lake effect” snow* — Perspecta Weather

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After this messy precipitation pulls off to the northeast late tomorrow, high pressure will quickly move overhead in the Northeast US and this will set the stage for the first freeze of the season in many areas by early Saturday morning. In some spots of the Mid-Atlantic region, this potential unusually early first freeze will make it the shortest growing season (i.e., time between the last freeze in May and this one) since 2002. A cold Halloween Day will follow on Saturday with temperatures well below-normal, but it will be dry for the trick-or-treaters.   

After that, another strong cold front will push across the Great Lakes on Sunday and push through the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast US on Sunday night.  Following the passage of this next cold front, yet another Arctic blast will arrive late Sunday night and the first day of the new work week on Monday will feature windy and cold conditions and there is likely to be “lake effect” snows across the Great Lakes.  It is not out of the questions that a few of these snow showers make it southeastward into the central Appalachians on Monday and perhaps even to near the I-95 corridor. Temperatures could once again drop to or below freezing in much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US on Sunday night and Monday night as well.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian
Perspecta, Inc.

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