December 4, 2022

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11 AM IAN 85 MPH HURRICANE IAN MOVING TOWARDS CAROLINAS Macts ving 14 MPH FASTER to the N. Coastal Impacts at Landfall & From Greensboro to Wilmington, RALEIGH WILSON GREENVILLE NC, COLUMBIA SC INLAND Impacts Coming!

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As I have been saying Myrtle Beach is closer to landfall.

The Cone keeps pulling to the right. East.

Just a drop but extrapolated that makes a difference.

Inland differences as to how strong your wind will be.

Note 14 MPH forward speed.

This is FAST for IAN.

Speeding up.

85 MPH.

Discussion from NHC.


Should ACCELERATE to NNW later.

Or more to the N.

This is evolving in real time.

IAN may not be Cat 4 FL Hurricane.

But it will be remembered here in Carolinas.

Eyewall has formed…

… a work of tropical art evolving in real time.

Dangerous but beautiful from satllite imagery.

This is a classic NC VA signature for tropical weather.

Ryan Hall is covering a wide array of areas.

Bringing fast info as it happens.

Every YouTuber has it’s own flavor and people enjoy one vs the other, I’m posting him here as he is in real time watching DIFFERENT areas not just where “landfall” may be and IAN is about more than landfall and storm surge, but inland impacts in areas where hardwood trees snap, crack and fall onto people’s homes, highways and create havoc as people lose power. And, inland people are out and about “at work” and they will suddenly need to get home if the wind begins to ramp up and that will cause more traffic accidents, problems and this is the problem with the messaging.

Carolina Weather Group on Twitter are excellent!

The message should be FIRST LANDFALL NEAR ______ but IAN is moving FASTER and STRONGER and may impact areas INLAND such as Columbia SC, Wilson NC, Greenville, NC, New Bern NC so check with your local weather experts and National Weather Service. Keep phones plugged in fully charged and make sure your WEATHER ALERTS are ON! They still make Weather Radios, if you have one now is the time to actually use it!

This is why local weather updates are important!

Radar shows rain everywhere.

Currently strongest near center and Wilmington.

I went out early to get a few things and to look around. Two different movers are moving people in and out of apartments in steady rain and both of the movers looked at me as if I was crazy when I said “do you know we have a Tropical Storm Warning?” and they did thank me and I did tell them to stay away from the areas that normally flood and be careful of trees that night fall and that is the mentality often in Raleigh where real weather rarely happens. Uusually Greensboro steals the snow in the winter  and thunderstorms in the summer so at all times people assume they won’t get anything and barely pay attention to the local weather. 

I’ll tell you what I see. Light rain to more steady rain and over the last hour the wind gusts have picked up, but they are not strong gusts but they catch your attention. The forecast yesterday was all about Charlotte getting the “center” and now those lines and models are over the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem) and edging towards Raleigh. That means Rocky Mount, Greenville will all get stronger impacts (in theory) today than they expected yesterday.  

The media is at Charleston and Asheville, but I’m thinking they should be near Wilmington NC and Columbia SC or Fayetteville, but TWC doesn’t usually go there and everyone wants to know landfall. But, this is about landfall first and inland impacts as IAN can pick up speed (already has) and when it punches North fast those stronger winds and random wicked gusts will slam an area convinced they “probably won’t get much” and seeing how TWC is down in Charleston and it’s barely raining in Raleigh people just aren’t believers yet. 

I’m going to go off for a bit and listen to a good friend and do my thing and watch it come in both in real time, inside and whatever happens here when I am in Raleigh I’ll update to Twitter or put here later.

Every hurricane that surprised Raleigh (and other cities inland) did so as it strengthened and accelerated foward speed moving in fast going from “oh just some light rain” to “oh my gosh that pine tree just fell down” so please prepare for the worst, hope for the best and adjust in real time to your own local weather. Local NEWS is LIVE talking  about the Carolinas nonstop so if you have Cable or can watch on HULU now is the time to watch your local news.

Stay off the roads, if you are on a road do not take detours stay on the main highway, and if you can stay home just do it or stay very close to home… if you can.

More later……… please keep reading it all implies.

In the last 15 minutes my curtains started to fly and dance around a bit and the fan by the window that is partially opened began to spin. So know things will pick up sooner than you realize.

Surf at Wrightsville is awesome, I’d be there but it’s Friday and I do the Jewish Sabbath thing that starts on Friday Night into Saturday so I’m home in Raleigh watching friends at the beach!  In NC not just down by Charleston…


I’ll update after the 11 AM to see how if at all the NHC updates their information or cone to any degree. Models have shifted to the right and I’d look at the SC/NC border for landfall of IAN.  Myrtle Beach is just to the South of that boarder it’s a short ride up the coast to Wilmington/WrightsvilleBeach.

Note as IAN moves towards the coastline.

Angle of coast presents same issues in SC/NC

as it did in Florida.

Small hook or wobble makes all the difference.

Strong winds in small area.

Dangerous weather across a wide area.

Ocean, Surf

Then Inland Flooding concerns.

Current view from Pawley’s Island.

I’ll be back literally….after 11 AM

Prepare, be aware and …. attn to changes in real time. (BobbiStorm)

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