May 12, 2021

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1:00 PM (Monday) | *An interesting weather pattern setting up for the early part of December* — Perspecta Weather

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High pressure ridging will likely intensify significantly next week across Canada – possibly extending from coast-to-coast – and this type of upper air pattern potentially results in some interesting weather across the continental US during the winter season.  Many computer model forecasts in recent days have been consistent in building strong high pressure across Canada next week virtually wrapping over the entire top of the US and colder-than-normal air will likely develop across the south-central states associated with deepening low pressure aloft.  This colder-than-normal air may very well spread east into the eastern US later next week and there will be lots of energy to monitor moving west-to-east across the US – forced to move west-to-east across the US by the strong ridging extending all the way across Canada.  While the US can become cold and stormy in this type of pattern in early December, it may become quite a bit warmer-than-normal across Canada.  There is, however, a pretty extensive snow pack across Canada and this could limit the warm-up next week across the Canadian provinces.

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