April 25, 2024

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100 Days Til Hurricane Season. Solar Eclipse Over USA in 46 Days. Cell Phone Chaos Today …Who or What Pulled the Plug

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100 days til Hurricane Season!

I posted this on Twitter aka X

Everyone, mostly, was all over the Cone.

It’s obvious most people interact with me for tropical weather or any weather and we are all Hurricane People, so yes most people cared about the new cone which for some reason isn’t starting til August. What happens if we have an early Hurricane in June like Alma?? It’ll be the old cone? I’m curious on this but over the next ten days or so I’ll look more into this. In Raleigh it’s Winter, cold and it’s going to rain cold rain over the weekend! And, you don’t care and truthfully I don’t care. Been dealing with some problems personally and it’s been hard to get excited about something that doesn’t start for 100 days. And, the real season is usually Fall more than Summer. 

But…………2024 has been different. Beyonce did a Country Song. No not posting it. Just saying tho. 


This is HAIL not snow….

….kind of strange.

Yes, today it’s 100 days til Hurricane Season!

46 Days Til April Eclipse.

When the tropics are slow, trackers and chasers will chase anything, especially a solar eclipse. But will our tropics stay traditionally slow or will something unusual crop up? And, there’s the possibility that we could have Spring Severe Weather during the Eclipse (sorry just saying) and well stay tuned. 

So let’s look at the tropics today.

There’s that plume of moisture that goes UP…

…towards North Atlantic.

Let’s look at models.

Long range models.

Here’s a map I rarely show in February….

…models be modeling.

Could some extratropical system form?

You know a replay of the Winter 2023 Upgraded Storm?

January No Name Storm…. 

…began a path many would later follow.

Look how busy the N Atlantic was in 2023

That’s a whole lotta traffic!

It would cause problems at NASCAR!!

A look back at 2023 is a blur of named storms cruising West, turning just before the Islands and retracing tracks previous named storms took. Busy in areas mostly a concern for shipping lanes, remember all day, every day, the ships are cruising about taking product from one place to another. We may not see it as it’s out in the Atlantic but those shipping lines are busy. 

Obviously in 2023 Idalia made landfall. Harold and Ophelia also made landfall as well. Otherwise, despite the “busy” season they were mostly forgetable storms. Some were weak and fell apart as a stronger one came too close, though quite a few came back suddenly for one last gasp of energy.  Busy, but not so memorable.

Looking forward to 2024 we have a short term concern and a long term problem. There is some discussion that something could form very early in the Atlantic that may or may not be worth a name, probably won’t get much fame but there are conditions that could get us some contenders and as I said conditions that are making many online  go “hmnnnn oh my goodness!!” and “What If???”

The Atlantic is HOT!

Below  are some comparisons.


..u know I don’t like predictions  made in February!

and….Dabuh is doing that thing he do….

He always has a reason for everything he says…

…or sings

…………or draws.

We go back a long ways…….

….I have a secret decoder in my head.

It was implanted there……..

I’m just playing with ya  😉

100 days til Hurricane Season.

And a Solar Ecllipse in the USA.

And…. we had a cellular eclipse today.

Unexpected! Boom!!

Family group went crazy….

…everyone on their WIFI on What’s App!

TMobile won 

ATT lost.

No one really knows why?

Will go with Matt for this one.

He’s always been so visually oriented!

No one knows.

Pick your favorite theory.

1. The Russians

2. The Chinese

3. The Aliens (Martian not Mexican)


5. Turkish Hackers

6. It’s a “TEST” by our Government.

7. Solar Flares (all week since last week actually…. )

8. Some Astrological Aspect ….. moody  music……..

9. Gremlins.

Who knows. 

What you believe says a lot about you and your biggest fears. My oldest daughter couldn’t talk while driving to me today, we are very close……this was a difficult morning for her. Office had Wifi YAY!  Oh and it was cold in Miami too! 

I’m being silly.

Do you wanna know a secret?


Seriously, this is the first time in 3 days I have not had a horrible headache or any headache.  They are called Cluster Migraines and yes women get them, they may have started with a Sinus Headache or a Stress Headache or well there was an Aura. Once for a minute the aura looked like a hurricane swirling. Honest. Seriously 3 days and very little helped not Rx or OTC; The chiropractor did help some. Actually, I had a best friend who loved the Beatles… but always loved this song.  I have other Beatles songs I like. I digress.

I’ll update tomorrow hopefully.

Hope your phone works tomorrow.

Hope are cable works tomorrow.

Yes I still have cable.

Did I mention the eclipse path goes over ….

….the New Madrid Fault.

I like Geology and maps.

So stay tuned.

Also a moon lander landed on the moon.

And, yet people are still talking on other things.

I mean it’s been ?? 50 years?

Barely any attention.

While people argue over Solar Flares ….

…and a cyber attack!

What do you think?

I was up at 3 AM.

Couldn’t sleep.

Went to sleep.

Then phones went to sleep.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


Expect the unusual in 2024!

If you are still reading this………

…….you are awesome!! 🙂

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