What are the best times to get outside this weekend?


If you’re looking to get out and safely spend some time outdoors this weekend, the weather is generally looking good for a stroll, jog or any essential errands you might need to run.

Before the forecast, a reminder: maintain at least six feet of distance between yourself and others. Avoid touching anything, and wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you return from your exercise. Also, if possible, try and avoid big pedestrian areas like Washington Park or Sloan’s Lake.

There are indications that, particularly if you are a runner or jogger, that six-foot distance should be increased to a minimum of 10 feet.


High of around 60 degrees under mostly sunny skies. A bit breezy at times, especially during the afternoon. It’ll be a bit chilly to start as well.

7 a.m.: 28 degrees, clear.

10 a.m.: 41 degrees, mostly sunny.

1 p.m.: 55 degrees, mostly sunny. Winds picking up a tad, with gusts up to 10-15 mph.

4 p.m.: 60 degrees, a few clouds. A bit breezy, with gusts up to 15 mph.

7 p.m.: 53 degrees, mainly sunny. Breezy, with gusts up to 15 mph.


An all-in-all spectacular day, with mainly sunny skies and considerably warmer than Saturday. Winds back off a bit as well, leading to an overall wonderful day for outdoor activities.

7 a.m.: 40 degrees, mostly clear.

10 a.m.: 54 degrees, mostly sunny.

1 p.m.: 67 degrees, mainly sunny.

4 p.m.: 70 degrees, a few clouds. A gentle breeze, with gusts up to 10 mph.

7 p.m.: 61 degrees, a few clouds. A slight breeze as well.

Looking beyond the weekend, Monday and Tuesday are also looking at spectacular weather, with temperatures rising into the 70s both days under sunny skies. Late next week, snow and colder weather could once again be back in the picture on Thursday and Friday. But until then, responsibly enjoy the overall wonderful early spring weather.

2020-04-03 11:30:00

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