Wet Weather Impacts Local Farmers


MARIETTA, OH.(WTAP)- After a record setting February, the first half of 2018 continues to lead the way for precipitation amounts in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Most of the Mid-Ohio Valley and a large portion of West Virginia have had the wettest January through June on record. While this has kept the area out of drought, local farmers have had to deal with the record amounts of rain.

Tom Burch from Hidden Hills Orchard says the large amount of rain can be both beneficial and harmful to his apple trees depending on when the rain falls and the type of apple being grown. “A protective spray, I wasn’t able to get that on because it was too wet to get out there and down the road that can cause some more diseases that may come up because you weren’t able to affect them early. The good side of it is, I haven’t had to irrigate, this year I haven’t had to do it and that actually frees me up time to do other things.”

Tom also says that other local apple farmers have had to deal with increased levels of fire blight and apple scab due to the cool and wet spring experienced here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, late summer looks to be above average in precipitation here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, while both fall and early winter look to be right around average as of right now.

2018-07-11 21:12:34

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