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If you are waiting for spring to hit a fever pitch, you will likely have to wait until April. However, signs of spring will heat up as we go until the end of the week.

First, to recap Sunday briefly. It was a raw and chilly for much of the day. Precipitation did move in for the late morning and early afternoon. It was mostly rain; however, the heavier bursts brought sleet, graupel and even hail. 

Moving on, high pressure is settled in South Jersey Monday morning. It will be another chilly one, starting off at 25 to 30 degrees. Despite the strong March sun, highs will only be in the mid-40s. If you tack on the strong northeast winds, wind chills will be in the 30s. Last March 24, it was 81 degrees — a record.

The second day of northeast winds will bring spotty area flooding during high tide cycles Monday. Not everywhere will be in flood stage, and those that do will be in only minor flood stage. In these areas, baywater will spill onto the first block of shoreline roadways.

Monday night will be clear and calm, so we should be able to get down into the 20s again. Not great for the heating bill, but things will begin to change.

Winds will weaken Tuesday, but there will still be plenty of sun. As a result, we will be able to top 50 degrees, feeling quite nice in the sun. On Wednesday, lows should stay above the freezing mark. We will have morning sun, followed by afternoon clouds. Highs will be a few degrees warmer, in the low 50s.

Then, as we mentioned in Saturday’s column, we trade away the dry for mild weather late in the week.

Both Thursday and Friday will claw up to near 60 degrees. On Thursday, I expect most of the day to be dry. During the afternoon, a low-pressure system will move from the mid-South into the Northeast. This will begin showers late Thursday. If you have outdoor plans, you could keep them, unless it it during the afternoon rush hour.

However, it should be at its peak Friday. Rain will be with the area throughout the day. I believe at least half the day will be wet, but we will sort out the details as we get closer.

2018-03-25 19:01:39

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