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As we flip to the second half of the week, so will most of our weather. Seasonable temperatures and sunshine will be the deal, and while a few showers in the forecast, it will be nothing like how we started the week.

Yes, showers start off this forecast.

However, as they have been overnight, it will continue to be light rain that will not add much to our rainfall accumulations.

A wave of mid-level energy passing through is the reason we have this. However, by 8 a.m., we will be drying out everywhere.

It’s a scenario that happens on occasion in Cape May County: You’re sitting on the beach and…

Then that’s it for wet weather during the day. All outdoor work, after school sports and gardening will be fine as high pressure fills back in.

Temperatures start off in the mid-50s during the morning, and by the afternoon we’ll be sitting right around a seasonable 70 degrees.

Going into the evening, we’ll have plenty of comfort to go around. You can leave the windows open as we go into the night.

It’ll be a good setup to let the gentle northwest to southwest breeze roll in. Come Friday morning, lows will be in the mid-50s.

Friday will present a slightly bleaker outlook, but I believe many outdoor plans will be OK. Another small piece of mid-level energy will pass through during the morning rush hour, bringing spotty showers. If you manage to stay dry from that, then showers and storms may return in the afternoon.

In between all of this will be a day similar to Thursday in terms of temperatures (even warmer on the mainland than Thursday) and cloud cover (partly sunny).

We’ll see what exact time that front passes. In short, the later in the day it is, the more severe weather will be likely.

Then, we get to the weekend. It’s not like superstitions about the weather are legit.

However, if this is a sign of the Memorial Day weekend to come, then we’re going to be in good shape.

A stationary front, which has returned many times this spring, will be far enough away to keep us likely dry Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday will be more of the typical, comfortable May day, while Sunday will turn up the heat just enough to make it feel like summer is around the corner.

The shore I’d imagine will be filling up with people, so it’ll be a great night to settle back into your favorite bench, restaurant or morning routine by the bay to enjoy these South Jersey days.

If anything, a few pop-up showers will be around Sunday, but I’m not ready to put it in the forecast just yet.

2019-05-16 03:00:00

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