Weather Eye: We may end up with a halfway decent weekend


Patrick Timm

The last day of January was a little on the gray side with mostly cloudy skies and a few quick peeks of the sun. Never fear rain was near, as I say. Yep, rain and showers today and Friday, but if we are lucky and the groundhog doesn’t throw a fit, we may end up with a halfway decent weekend. Some clouds but, most important, no rain. Fingers crossed.

Fog and low clouds were overhead during the eclipse Wednesday morning, which was a bummer. Many saw the moon rise Tuesday evening, which was beautiful in anticipation of the next morning. The last time we had a blue blood full moon was back in 1866, I believe. It will be another generation before it occurs again. Oh well, plenty of great photographs on the web to view.

In the absence of any real cold weather so far this winter, signs of spring are popping up everywhere. Reader and local weather observer Ellen Smart above the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge reports the following: “I don’t mind no snow, ice and freezing. The frogs have been singing for 10 days or so, the daffodils and crocus are up 8 inches and budded. My snowdrop plants, however, are AWOL, which is odd.”

Larry Lebsack, a local weather watcher who always keeps me informed about the frogs out in the Barberton area, reports: “Yesterday evening, I heard the peepers (frogs) in the wetlands near here. And the spring bulbs are poking up. Point is, according to my records, those happenings are three weeks earlier than last year. We can only wait and watch.”

The first week in February looks rather uneventful and not winterlike by no means. High pressure builds later this weekend, and most of next week looks warmer than normal with little if any rainfall. The storm track is forecast to remain to our north. Of course, we all know how the long-term forecast models perform. Subject to change? Yep, no guarantees in this business. We take it a day at a time.

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