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The Chiefs drafted quarterback Patrick Mahomes for days like this. But not for days like this.

It’s snowing in Kansas City, with a winter storm warning in place until 7:00 p.m. ET. And as the snow falls and the wind whips and the natural grass becomes slick (after the tarp is removed), Mahomes could have a harder time doing Mahomes things.

If the conditions affect the passing game, the advantage could flip to the Colts, who can pound it behind a great offensive line. The Chiefs would benefit under those circumstances from the return of Spencer Ware, who last played in Week 14 against the Ravens. (He’s listed as questionable.) Ware would complement Damien Williams, who rushed for more than 100 yards in Week 16 against Seattle’s potent run defense.

Even if the game is affected by the weather, it’s hard to imagine Mahomes not finding a way to shine. His uncanny skills include the ability to always color within the lines, not doing more than he’s capable of doing. He’ll likely know what he’s capable of doing in this kind of weather, and he’ll likely find a way to do it.

2019-01-12 13:47:00

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