Weather Conditions Cancel College Tours For Visitors


Many high school students take the time to tour colleges a year before graduation. However, as roads, businesses, and schools are closed across Rhode Island due to the weather that was not the case.

People were scattered in the lobby of the Providence Courtyard reading, eating, and trying to pass the time as weather conditions closed most businesses in Rhode Island. Jim Trexler, and his daughter Margaux, drove up from Baltimore, Maryland to visit Brown University. She said she wants to major in English and minor in business when she gets to college.

Margaux said they only found out about the storm one day before it hit. “Well, we found out yesterday that this big storm was going to hit,” said Margaux. “So, mentally I wasn’t prepared, but we’re used to some heavy snows at home. So, it’s not that different than the usual winters.”

Her father Jim said they don’t plan to stay after the storm because this wasn’t their only stop on the college tour. “And we’re driving. So, we’re going to head down to Philly tomorrow, whether we see Brown or not,” he said.  

Saul Treiman and his son Jack drove to Rhode Island from Philadelphia. Although Jack is unsure of his major, he was able to tour Brown before the storm hit, but his visit at Tufts University was called off.

Jack said it was a disappointment.  “Kind of hoping to do a little bit of exploring but, that seems kind of out of the picture with all the snow,” he said.

His father Saul said there was a Plan B in place. “We had actually planned to go to the movies today when we saw the snow. But, the mall over there is closed. So, we’re stuck in the room,” he said.

The Treimans said they also plan to hit the road after the storm passes.

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