UK weather forecast WARNING: EXTREME thunderstorm met to hit Britain before HUMID weekend | Weather | News


The Met Office has issued a yellow warning as storm clouds are forecast to develop across London, Wales and the West Midlands – bringing torrential rain.

Met office meteorologist Luke Miall commented on the conditions, saying: “On Friday we see a greater risk of thunderstorms in the South and the West.

“We have a weather warning enforced on these.

“They could be heavy and slow-moving interspersed with some sunnier spells.

“But always the best of the sunshine further north and in the east with temperature continuing to build.”

While the weather forecast suggest “many places will be dry” people are urged to take precautions

The Met Office warning reads: “Some flooding of a few homes and businesses is likely, perhaps leading to some damage to buildings.

“There is a good chance driving conditions will at times be affected by spray and standing water, leading to some minor journey delays.

“Some short-term loss of power and other services due to lightning strikes is possible.”

Friday’s thunderstorm is likely to bring disruption in a few places, but it will not last for long as the heatwave is expected to return this weekend.

The current heatwave is the longest the country has experienced in five years.

Met office meteorologist Luke Miall said that Thursday will start “pretty warm already” with “18 or 19 degrees across the south”.

He added: “Those temperatures are responding rapidly in that sunshine and for many is going to be a fine day.

“The cloud melts away across many eastern areas.

“Plenty of sunshine developing through the day.

“A little bit of patchy rain continues on and off across the highest ground of Scotland.”

However, the South “will continue to see a lot of fine warm and sunny weather”.

Mr Miall concluded: “You’ll be unlucky to catch a shower across the South through the evening.”

The MET forecaster also said this weekend could reach soaring temperatures over 30C.

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