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BBC weather host Louise Lear warned parts of the UK will face up to ten centimetres of snow on Tuesday. 

The BBC presenter said it is a “thermal vest day” as Britain is set to be braced with freezing temperatures and flurries of snowfall. 

Ms Lear said: “If you’re listening and just about step outside, wrap up warm – it is certainly a thermal vest day and it is certainly a porridge morning I suspect because it is cold, it is windy.”

BBC weather said there will be strong gales on exposed coasts as well as snow in Northern Ireland and Central and Southern Scotland. 

Snow will cover land by up to two centimetres in lower levels. But any height above 200 metres could see as much as five to ten centimetres of snow through the morning. 

Ms Lear said: “That snow is rattling through as quite a pace and it will clear into the afternoon to a day of sunny spells and scattered showers. 

“But the showers will continue to be wintery and if you’ve got lying snow, temperatures in the afternoon really really struggling, perhaps struggling to climb above freezing. But maybe as high as around two or three degrees, if you are lucky.” 

North West England and Wales and South West England will see a cloudy morning with some wintery rain, sleet and snow. The rain will “rattle” through at quite a pace on Tuesday, warned BBC weather. 

North East England and Eastern England will start off sunny but it is expected to rain as the morning progresses and linger for much of the afternoon. 

Tuesday night is expected to see a widespread frost with widespread ice, said BBC weather.  

 Brits have been told to wrap up warm as travel disruption is expected occur in the busy morning rush hour. 

Government forecasters have issued severe weather warnings for snow and rain in Scotland and parts of northern England until Tuesday afternoon.

A separate alert is in place for 70mph gales and heavy rain across western and southwestern Britain on Tuesday. 

Met Office forecaster Oli Claydon said: “We expect some heavy squally outbreaks of rain through Tuesday with the risk of severe gales in exposed parts of the country and snow in Scotland.

“Heavy rain will set in across the southwest early on before moving eastwards through the day.

“Wednesday will see another front move across the country bringing a windy day with more rain, it is looking like a bit of a miserable day.”

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