Triad May weather more like NY than NC


In typical 2020 fashion May was a wild ride and one for the record books in the Triad. 

For the first time in quite a while though, our spring was pretty mild over all. There were some warm days, some cool days, but never extremely hot or cold.

The big talker for May was just how much rain we had, and we for sure had our fair share and then some of rain.

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The Triad picked up close to 9.5″ of rain for the month, far outdoing the normal May rainfall of 3.38″.

Most of the rain fall came during the week of May 18-24 with 7.44″ falling that week. Before that, it actually hadn’t been a rainy month at all with only .11″ falling before 5/17.

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It ended up being the second wettest May on record in the Triad. This past Tuesday the Triad was in the 4th place spot for wettest Mays, but Tropical Storm Bertha brought extra rain to an already saturated Piedmont adding another 1.35″. 

The rain from Bertha as well as some pop up afternoon storms in the final days of the month bumped us into the 2nd place spot, only being beaten out by May 1905.

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There was almost another record set too, on the 20th we were only .01 inches shy of setting a record of three consecutive days of 2″ of rain which followed the rainiest day of the month on the 19th with 2.39″ of rain.

Not only was it wet, but it was cool too. May 2020 finished as the 6th coolest May on record by the average temperature of 62.8° but even more astonishing is that it was the number one coolest May, if we only consider high temperatures.

All of our wet and cool weather combined sure didn’t feel like a typical May in NC, in fact the Southeastern Regional Climate Center compared more closely to New York City than NC.

June is starting off cool and comfortable but the warmth and humidity will return this week feeling like that typical summer weather. Hang on, y’all!

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