Tow services see increase in calls due to cold weather


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The coldest air of the season has arrived and it’s bringing extra business to some local companies.

As the coldest air of the season moves through the Wabash Valley many are looking for ways to stay warm.

“I’m cutting through this building to get to my next class so i can stay warm,” said Sarah Lecklider, ISU student.

While some are lucky enough to stay out of the cold temperatures, some are facing it head on.

This includes workers for local tow companies who say the colder the air, the busier they are.

“We’ve definitely had a mild winter so this is one of the first few days of the single digit temperatures so its got us busy for sure, people are just not ready for it,” said Paul May, owner of Peffley & Hinshaw Wrecker Service.

May says a big issue during freezing temperatures is a need for jump starts due to dead batteries.

“It drains the battery down, the battery doesn’t have as much charge as it would have when it was 50 degrees outside,” May said.

There’s another unique problem that he sees often.

“Lockouts and things like that. People tend to start their cars when it’s cold out and let them warm up and accidentally lock the keys in them,” My said.

So what should you do to avoid needing car assistance because of weather?

“At this point you just need to not travel if you don’t have to and if you do travel just make sure that you have everything checked,” May said.

May also says as temperatures drop tow services see an increase in single vehicle crashes.

That’s due to roads having a better chance of becoming slick.

2020-02-14 04:50:00

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