Swarm of flying ants stretch over UK popping up on weather radar


BOURNEMOUTH, England (NBC News Channel) – You can add giant swarms of flying ants to your 2020 scary-sounding insects Bingo card alongside murder hornets and hordes of cicadas.

The ant swarms were spotted flying over people’s gardens as temperatures rose accorss Britain.

According to Britain’s weather forecaster ants begin to swarm on warm and humid days.

The concentrations have been so big that the swarms show up on weather radar.

The phenomenon occurs when young queen ants, followed by males, leave their nests to breed and start new colonies. The weather conditions have to be just right, which is why so many ants choose to take off at the same time, according to the Royal Society of Biology (RSB).

The ants aren’t harmful, so the RSB suggests ignoring them until they fly off on their own.

2020-07-31 18:42:00

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