Stormy weather to ramp up in the center of the country next week


Following a more tranquil weather weekend, more potent thunderstorms are likely to target the center of the United States next week.

The week will start off with the return of wet weather on Monday with a storm emerging from the southern Rockies.

“Showers and thunderstorms will target eastern New Mexico and western Texas first on Monday, bringing downpours and lightning,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Jake Sojda.

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The stormy weather will continue to shift east into Tuesday, targeting northern and central Texas as well as much of Oklahoma.

Once again, thunderstorms will be capable of producing heavier downpours, and even some isolated flooding issues, along with plenty of lightning. Gusty winds may be more prevalent on Tuesday also.

“This is not a very robust storm. So, while there could be a few severe wind and hail reports with these thunderstorms into Tuesday, those cases should remain rather localized,” added Sojda.


A higher chance for more widespread severe weather is expected to wait until the middle of the week.

Another wave of energy will push out of the Rockies, bringing a dose of severe thunderstorms to some of the same locations that will be affected by thunderstorms earlier in the week.

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“Locations like Abilene, Texas, to near Oklahoma City, could be hit with several rounds of storms before the week is over,” Sojda said.

This time, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico may be more involved with the setup of the storms, increasing the chance for more widespread severe weather on Wednesday.

At this time, Wednesday’s thunderstorms may be threatening not only downpours and gusty winds, but flooding rainfall and damaging winds up to an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 70 mph.

Large hail reports and a few tornadoes may also be possible.

As the end of the week and the exact middle of May approaches, a change in the pattern will allow for moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to continue to fuel more wet weather in the center of the country.

The more moisture that pulls into the Plains and western Gulf Coast, the higher the chance for more severe weather during the second half of May.

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2020-05-09 12:19:00

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