Stormy weather batters Israel, causes traffic jams and car accidents

Following a week of relative calm and increased temperatures, the winter weather has returned in force, causing difficult commutes and car accidents throughout the country. Temperatures are expected to dip, and rainy forecasts are expected all around the country, along with heavy winds and snow on the Hermon and communities in the North. The strong winds are expected to intensify at various points across the country.Temperatures today are expected to be 15-11 degrees in Tiberias, 13-9 degrees in Haifa, 14-11 degrees in Tel Aviv, 9-7 degrees in Jerusalem, 14-8 degrees in Beersheba and 20-12 degrees in Eilat.Due to the stormy weather, several roads have been blocked across the country due to flooding, including in Bnei Brak, along Lehi Street, which was closed to traffic in both directions. Israeli police are on the scene directing traffic in the area.The stormy weather comes amid some criticism directed towards to the Tel Aviv municipal government on the quality of its infrastructure and its ability to absorb to downpours, following the death of two citizens who drowned in a stalled elevator while trying to escape flooding in a parking garage. The meteorological service also warned of flooding in the Judean Desert. During the night, it is expected to continue to rain in the northern and central parts of the country, which will be accompanied by a thunderstorm and snow in Hermon.On Monday, the weather will continue to be rainy, and the rain will continue to fall in the North all the way to the Negev. Flood warnings have also been issued for areas prone to its occurrence, including the Jordan Valley, the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. In some good news, the Water Authority reported that due to 20 mm. of rainfall during the night, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) was marked at 210.715 m. this morning, an increase of 6.5 cm. from Thursday. An additional 1.915 m. will be needed for it to reach full capacity.

2020-01-19 07:09:00

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