Storm Team debuts new weather categories


The News 8 Storm Team is committed to delivering a consistent and reliable forecast for the residents of the Susquehanna Valley. We understand that people use our forecasts to plan their day and week ahead. This is why the News 8 Storm Team is debuting two new weather categories to our forecasts: impact days, and alert days.

Impact Day

An impact day is day that features weather that will likely disrupt your normal daily schedule or routine. When the News 8 Storm Team believe weather reaches this threshold, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark will appear on the forecast indicating the weather will cause an impact. You may also see the icon used during a day-part forecast when the News 8 Storm Team believes certain times of the day may have more of an impact than others. An impact day’s weather is not considered extreme or severe, life-threatening weather.

Light rain, snow, or ice during a morning or evening commute would be examples of impact weather. Most Pennsylvania commuters can handle driving in light rain, snow, or ice, but light rain, snow, or ice at the peak of rush hour can hinder travel or cause accidents due to the high volume of motorists. Dense fog across the Valley which could also alter a commute would be classified as an impact day.

Moderate cold during the fall, winter, spring months, or heat in the summer months that may limit outdoor exposure to the elements would get this designation.

The Susquehanna Valley is a major agricultural center for the region. Late spring or early fall frost or freezes that could damage or kill vegetation would fit into this category.

Days that feature burn bans from prolonged dry spells coupled with strong wind gusts also would be considered to potentially cause an impact to a day ahead.

Alert Day

An alert day is a day that features the threat of extreme, severe, and possibly life-threatening weather. When the News 8 Storm Team believes severe weather is likely, you’ll see a red circle icon encompassing a white triangle and red exclamation point on the forecast. Like an impact day, you may see this icon used on a day-part forecast where the News 8 Storm Team believes weather may be severe during particular times of the day ahead.

Alert Day

Examples of alert days are days that may have tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, severe flooding, flash flooding, heavy snow, widespread moderate to heavy ice accumulation, tropical storms, hurricanes, threats of active wildfires, extreme heat, and extreme cold.

This is the highest threat-level designation from the News 8 Storm Team.

Viewers should take this alert seriously and listen to the forecast very closely for detailed information on how to prepare for the incoming weather to protect themselves, family, and property in the coming hours.

Impact days in the forecast may be upgraded to alert days if severe weather looks more likely.

2018-02-13 16:56:18

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