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“The Invisible Man” is just one of three movies opening this weekend. We’ve also got a Miami native taking us back in time, and a TV show goes to the big screen. Here’s a look in this week’s Showtime.

Elisabeth Moss (as Cecilia Kass): “Are you OK?”

Character (in “The Invisible Man”): “Get back here!”

In the new thriller “The Invisible Man,” Elisabeth Moss stars as a woman who leaves a controlling relationship with a genius scientist who then kills himself, but after a series of tragic events, she believes that suicide was a hoax, and she’s in danger!

Elisabeth Moss: “I always kinda wanted to do a really good horror film, a really good scary movie, and this was the perfect one, because it actually had a really good story that I was attracted to, but I remember saying to each other on our first phone call, ‘The number one thing is this has to be scary.’”

James Murray (as Murr): “Yeah, show ’em what you have in the trunk.”

Sal Vulcano (as Sal): “You don’t work for the fuzz, do ya?”

The Jokers are on the big screen!

“Impractical Jokers: The Movie” is a super-sized dose of the popular TV show “Impractical Jokers,” where four long-time friends challenge each other to humiliating stunts in public.

In the movie, the losing Joker’s punishment is having to miss out on a party hosted by Paula Abdul in Miami.

Paula Abdul (as herself): “I’ll see you in Miami?”

Cast: “Yeah! Yeah! Yes!”

Mia Goth (as Harriet Smith): “Ms. Waterhouse, such news!”

Judging by “Emma,” England was a very funny place 300 years ago.

Miami native Anya Taylor-Joy plays Jane Austen’s nosy title character.

She can’t help but get involved in everybody’s romantic business.

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