Severe storms produce tornadoes in SW Kan.


Storms are firing up in Kansas in what’s shaping up to be an active few-day stretch of stormy weather.

Friday’s isolated storms bring threats of hail, heavy rain and a slight tornado threat. You can follow updates as storms pop up and advance below:

9:45 p.m.

The tornado warning for eastern Ford County, the northwest corner of Kiowa County and southern portions of Edwards County remains in effect until at least 10 p.m.

There are reports of damage to a shed southwest of the city of Ford.


9:40 p.m.

Our Storm Team 12 spotters say the two tornadoes that were on the ground in southeast Ford County have dissipated, but a new TORNADO WARNING is in effect for eastern Ford County, the northwest corner of Kiowa County and southern portions of Edwards County.

This warning does not include Dodge City nor Greensburg, but people in the Kinsley area should take shelter.

A third tornado did touch down in eastern Ford County, but lifted after a few minutes.


9:25 p.m.

A tornado-producing storm continues to move northeast at about 40 mph. This storm is not threatening Dodge City, but people in the community of Ford should take cover. There have been two tornadoes confirmed with this storm with both on the ground at the same time.

There are damage reports to a home a few miles outside of Bloom.


9:15 p.m.

There are two tornadoes on the ground moving through southeastern Ford County, moving through a rural area southwest of the town of Ford.

These tornadoes are well to the southeast of Dodge City and not moving toward the city.


9:05 p.m.

The tornado in southern Ford County heavily damaged a structure (possibly a home) northeast of Minneola as it remains on the ground, tracking northeast. This tornado also overturned a semi between Minneola and Fowler.

Counties under TORNADO WARNINGS include Ford, Meade, Gray, Hodgeman, Ness and Clark counties.


8:55 p.m.

A tornado touched down in the southern part of Ford County has picked up momentum, moving northeast. This rope tornado northeast of Minneola will not threaten Dodge City.


8:40 p.m.

A brief tornado was reported with a storm north of Fowler in northern Meade County. This storm is moving northeast.

A TORNADO WARNING remains in effect for Meade, Clark, Gray and Ford counties until at least 9:15 p.m.

A TORNADO WARNING in Hodgeman County remains in effect until at least 9 p.m. Areas of concern include northern Meade County, north of Fowler and west of Jetmore in Hodgeman County.


8:20 p.m.

A TORNADO WARNING is issued for Hodgeman County. Radar indicates rotation with a storm east of Kalvesta. Tennis-ball-sized hail is also a threat with this storm moving northeast at 40 mph.

Earlier this evening, a tornado touched down near Beaver, Okla. Meade County was included in a tornado warning with this storm.


6 p.m.

As of 6 p.m. tonight (Friday), there are no severe thunderstorm warnings nor immediate tornado threats in Kansas.

Storms that Friday afternoon made their way through northwest Kansas did produce at least a pair of tornadoes in southwest Nebraska, the first of which was reported just north of the Kansas/Nebraska line in Hitchcock County.

In central Kansas, moderate rain and lightning are possible with a storm near Salina, moving northeast. These storm is not severe.

While there are no active warnings in Kansas, a tornado watch remains in effect for several northwest counties until at least 10 p.m.

Another storm threat Saturday includes a low tornado threat, a medium threat for large hail and strong winds and a high threat of flooding rains for much of central and eastern Kansas, including the Wichita area.


5:30 p.m.

A TORNADO WARNING remains in effect for portions of Hitchcock and Red Willow counties in southwest Nebraska, but the tornado threat is over for Rawlins county in northwest Kansas as this storm continues to move northeast.

The threat for more isolated storms to develop and advance across western Kansas continues as the evening rolls along.


5:15 p.m.

A TORNADO WARNING is in effect for north central Rawlins County and southeast Hitchcock County in Nebraska until 5;45 p.m.

The storm capable of producing a tornado is 11 miles north of Atwood and moving northeast at 30 mph.

A tornado watch is in effect until at least 10 p.m. for several western-Kansas counties.

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