Saturday’s London weather forecast – plenty of sunshine after a chilly start with potential frost


AFTER a chilly start with potential frost, London will have a dry day with plenty of sunshine, light winds and maximum temperatures of 18°C.

Sunday will begin cloudy but will become brighter and breezier for Sunday afternoon.

London weather forecast for 7am on Saturday

London weather forecast for 1pm on Saturday

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday

SUNDAY will begin cloudy, giving way to brighter weather in the afternoon.

It’ll remain mainly dry on Monday with spells of sunshine after a cold start.

Tuesday will see rain hit London in the morning but it’ll clear off for brighter conditions in the afternoon.

IT will be wet and gust in the north on Wednesday with temperatures average for this time of year.

However, it will be mild and mainly dry in the south with some spells of sunshine, particularly in the east.

Cloud and rain heads south on Thursday followed by colder and wet conditions in the north.

There will be further showers in the north on Friday, but it will be mainly dry in the south with sunny spells after fog patches clear.

More cloud and rain is then possible in the north later.

There are signs of unsettled weather conditions becoming more widespread as we enter the second week of October.

THE second week of October may see more unsettled conditions becoming established.

Whilst there remains considerable uncertainty in the forecast, there is a greater chance of spells of wet and windy weather from mid October onwards.

The south may have more settled weather towards the end of month and temperatures are set to be colder than average with some milder weather at times.

Saturday temperatures for London

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