Plateau Medical Center Prepares for Winter Weather


Oak Hill, WV (WVNS) – Plateau Medical Center in Oak Hill is already prepared for the winter weather. With the hazards people have to deal with, local hospitals stay prepared for when an influx of calls come in about people needing care. 

“The volume can definitely be impacted by weather,” said chief nursing officer, Justus Smith, “Your population at the time may be dependent on medical services, even daily that they go get themselves, or they may be dependent on oxygen at home and start to worry that they’ll run out, or they can’t get their medicine. With big storms that hit the area, they can’t get the healthcare they need so they default to us to provide the resources.”

Smith also said that whenever there is a winter storm, all hands are on deck to help care for these people coming in. He said the managers all get together to figure out what needs to be changed to the schedule after keeping up to date with Code Weather.

Staffing, equipment, and whatever else could be needed then gets figured out. He also mentioned that the staff lives in the area, so they’re helping out potential friends and neighbors by coming in when a winter storm hits. 

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2019-01-11 23:33:00

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