Park rangers at Fort Pickens are preparing for weather


Park rangers at Fort Pickens campground have their eye on the sky, especially if heavy rain is in the forecast.

“So what we look at is projected rain fall, tides, land fall, wind direction and speed. All of these sorts of things we play into account. We know how that’s going to impact our road,” said Brent Everitt, park ranger.

Park supervisors have to make the decision to evacuate the camp. If the storm develops then evacuation is mandatory.

“Since we’ve realigned Fort Pickens road we’ve only had to evacuate twice and those have both been Tropical Storm Cindy and Hurricane Nate,” said Everitt.

One man told Channel 3 News that he was camped here last year and had to evacuate before Tropical Storm Cindy.

He said that he’s glad he left when he did.

“It was deep enough I thought the water was going to be coming through the door jam,” said Wood.

Justin wood is now back with his whole family this year from Tennessee. He said that he is keeping plans in mind in case they have to relocate again.

“We talked about it before we left home depending on which way the storms coming whether we go east or west,” said Wood.

Park rangers warn campers to keep weather in mind at all times of their trip.

“Every time we talk to campers when they’re making those reservations we always let them know… Look this is a dynamic barrier island that’s always moving, always shifting. And when we have these storms. It happens,” said Everitt.

2018-05-23 22:16:18

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