Natural Gas: Cooler Than Normal Weather Outlook For End Of July


Welcome to the cooler than expected edition of Natural Gas Daily!

Housekeeping item first.

We expect a +54 Bcf change in the storage report for the week ended July 6. A storage report of +54 Bcf would compare with +58 Bcf last year and +77 Bcf for the five-year average.

Source: ICE

Long-range weather outlook shows cooler than normal weather for the second half of July

Natural gas prices are taking it on the chin today with August contracts trading to $2.789/MMBtu and September trading around $2.76/MMBtu. We disclosed last week that we exited our long DGAZ position.

The price drop today came on the back of a very bearish ECMWF-EPS long-range weather outlook yesterday. The bearish outlook shows a cooler than normal weather lasting from July 23 to August 6.


One of the big reasons why we were short natural gas was precisely because of the bearish long-range weather outlook for the end of July. The timing of this cooler than normal outlook couldn’t have come at a worse time for the natural gas bulls. Lower 48 production has been averaging above ~81 Bcf/d and on pace to reach ~82 Bcf/d later this month, and fundamentals have been showing a daily surplus above ~10 Bcf/d despite high power burn.

Source: HFI Research

Source: HFI Research

Now that our price target of $2.80/MMBtu has been hit for August, we think if this bearish weather scenario plays out, September contracts could fall as low as $2.70/MMBtu. We would be interested in taking a long position if the weather outlook shows warmer than normal signs reappearing.

For the time being, we don’t think it’s favorable risk/reward to play the hero in trying to catch this bottom just yet. We see more downside risk in prices, especially if this bearish weather outlook plays out.

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2018-07-10 19:58:00

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