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That’s not to say it will be entirely absent of April showers or even some thunderstorms, but the atmospheric pattern will be lacking the ramped-up low-pressure systems with fast winds aloft that spun off last week’s severe outbreaks. We’ll just have a rather routine cold front that slows down, wiggles around a bit and then finally gets pushed out in the latter half of the week.

Before then, sunny skies and warm temperatures will occur Monday and Tuesday, with highs mainly in the 70s, perhaps some lower 80s by Tuesday afternoon. 

The cold front slides in on Wednesday, triggering some rain showers or a mild thunderstorm, then gets hung in or near our region into Thursday, keeping some chance of showers around, though likely not a total washout. By Friday, a more vigorous push of high pressure from the west will push another front through that will effectively clear out the remnant front, and bring a more widespread chance of showers and a few thunderstorms.

While it is spring and of course some localized severe storms can never be ruled out entirely with the arrival of a front into warm, moist air, this week’s setup looks nothing like any of the last three that brought numerous severe storms and some tornadoes to the Mid-Atlantic/Appalachians region. This will be more typical April showery fare with perhaps a few rumbles.

Better yet, the rain looks to clear out for the weekend, which appears for now to be dry with seasonable to even slightly above normal temperatures (70s highs, 50s lows).

2019-04-22 13:00:00

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