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Tomato talk

There are also a few other ways we distinguish tomatoes, and a better understanding of this “tomato talk” just might help you pick the right varieties to grow in your garden this year.

Determinate vs. Indeterminate

Determinate: Also called bush tomatoes, these plants stay more compact and produce all of their fruit in a one- to two-week period. These varieties often produce an early crop, don’t need a lot of staking or support, and are great for container gardening. Try ‘Early Girl,’ ‘Roma’ and ‘Black Sea Man.’

Indeterminate: These plants can get pretty big, vining up to 5 to 10 feet, requiring support to keep them off the ground. They also have the ability to be prolific long-term producers, continuing to produce fruit spring into summer and even through fall until they’re killed by frost. Try ‘Sweet 100,’ ‘Sun Gold,’ ‘Yellow Pear’ and ‘Juliet.’

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