How athletic directors call a snow day and cancel after school


PERRYSBURG, Ohio — When it comes to school sports, making the call to cancel after-school activities because of the bad weather is a little more complicated for athletic directors than superintendents. 

That’s because there are more factors athletic directors have to consider in order to make a decision.

If school is canceled, sports are usually canceled. But when snow is falling all day long, most schools keep their schedules as normal. 

Since most schools weren’t canceled in our area Wednesday and snowed most of the day, athletic directors had to make the decision to continue with after schools sports or cancel them.

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Athletic directors and superintendents keep a communication line when it comes to making the call. 

Their aim to let students and families know between noon and 2 p.m.

Perrysburg Athletic Director Chuck Jaco said it’s like a puzzle because he has to think about the athletes, spectators, transportation and the other team.

“We’re also looking ahead if it’s going to be clear, everything’s out of the way and we’ve got roads cleared. We will sometimes make a decision to play contest on snow days but we’re also going to air on the side of caution too. So, really, a lot depends on if we’re hosting. It also depends on, can the away team get here and if we’re not hosting and we’re traveling, can we get busing there safely,” Jaco said.

Jaco said thankfully their school doesn’t have any games that snow would affect. The only thing that could affect their school would be missing practice before their teams play later in the week.

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