Hot Weather, Isolated Storms Possible For Football This Week


Hot and steamy for high school games: Hot weather is not going anywhere for the football games around the area this week. Both the Thursday and Friday games will be quite warm at kickoff.


In addition, an isolated thunderstorm can’t be ruled out. While I think most games won’t see any rain, remember that if you hear any thunder, be sure to get indoors.  In these kinds of situations, I’d recommend downloading Live Alert 19 for iOS or Android to give yourself that extra tap on the shoulder to let you know lightning is in the area.

Lightning poses a threat to those outdoors at a football stadium.

Lightning often strikes the tallest nearby object. Metal conducts electricity very well, so those metal bleachers fans are likely sitting on are incredibly unsafe. On a flat, open field like a football field, the players may be the tallest thing for lightning to strike. The goalposts are also a prime target for lightning.

Hot weather continues for college football too: No relief from the heat in sight for any of the college games either.

The Bama game will be quite toasty. Both the Auburn/Kent State and the UNA/Alabama A&M game are evening kickoff games, so while it will be warm, it won’t be as oppressive. Isolated storms are possible at each of those games, so just like with the high school games, stay weather aware and seek shelter if you hear thunder.

– Meteorologist Alex Puckett

2019-09-11 18:13:00

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