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A wave of storms are expected across the region over the next several days, and the first sign will be stifling humidity that blankets the area Thursday.

Brett Rossio, meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc., The World-Herald’s private weather consultant, said that the humidity will arrive thanks to the warm, moist air the storm pulls northward from the Gulf of Mexico.

And in the classic fashion, the clash between that warm, moist air and a cold front descending from the north will set the spark for successive waves of severe weather.

Damaging hail, powerful winds, heavy rain and even tornadoes are all possible. The threat begins Thursday afternoon and lasts through the weekend. Each round of storms will alter the atmosphere and affect how the subsequent set of storms plays out, said Rossio and others. For that reason, among others, people should monitor forecasts, especially anyone with outdoor plans.

The forecast for the next four days, which could vary depending upon what happens:

Thursday: Scattered storms, most likely across northern Nebraska, Iowa and eastward toward the Great Lakes.

Friday: Powerful super cell storms could generate baseball sized hail, damaging winds and even a few strong tornadoes. The bull’s-eye in this region for the highest chance for super cells is central Nebraska (there’s a similar bull’s-eye in portions of Texas and Oklahoma). The level of risk for storms on Friday is consistent with what normally occurs in spring. 

Saturday: Stormy weather continues, but the area most at risk is expected to be southeast Nebraska and points south of there.

Sunday: Continued chance of rain.

Rossio said there’s a growing risk of low-land flooding next week when another round of rain moves in. That’s because this weekend’s stormy weather is expected to saturate the soil, making it less likely the ground can absorb runoff from next week’s round of wet weather.

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